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Thank you for landing on this page! We are grateful to you for taking the time to inquire about how you could assist in supporting brubru’s effort to help change the world.

brubru started with an idea to help connect indigent communities in emerging countries around the globe. In order to achieve that lofty goal, brubru needs the help from as many people as possible. What you can do to help make it happen is to speak with the Telecom Regulator in your country, as well as with your government officials and the media, about inviting brubru to provide mobile coverage to villages via community-owned mobile telecom networks and Internet Service Providers. brubru also enables communities to direct accumulated proceeds from network operations towards the creation/improvement of local social service facilities, such as medical facilities, schools, etc.

By spreading the word about how brubru, you help raise awareness of brubru’s purpose to foster social justice around the globe, and to enable indigent communities to grow and thrive, while creating a brighter future for all.


brubru is always happy to receive advice about how it can maximize the benefit to the indigent people in emerging countries.

If you wish to provide advice and/or become an adviser, kindly send a short note to: A brubru team member will contact you.

Thank you for sharing in our passion to make the world a better place.


Albert Einstein once said that we cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that we used when we created them. Therefore, brubru continually seeks novel ideas and innovative thinking of how to better assist disenfranchised people in developing countries.

If you wish to offer your ideas, kindly send a short note to: A brubru team member will contact you.

Thank you for taking the initiative to help impact the lives of others.