brubru started with an idea to help change the world through technology, by bridging the digital divide, and helping to connect people at the “base of the pyramid”. In nature, the brubru is a small bird, which has an unusually large territory to cover for a bird of its size, due to its need for large trees in which to feed. Likewise, our brubru also aims to cover an unusually large territory for its size, and benefit as many people as possible.


brubru’s mission is to connect the unconnected at the lowest possible price point, by deploying, growing and scaling nonprofit, community-owned mobile telecom networks, in order to reach and connect unserved/underserved rural regions in developing countries, providing maximum impact and benefit to the marginalized people. In a given country, an increased number of citizens having mobile phone access and internet connectivity drives economic growth and development, which benefits an entire country.


brubru envisions resolving one of the most important issues facing countless remote regions across the globe – attaining affordable access to mobile telecom infrastructure and internet connectivity.


In order to maximize benefits to the indigent rural communities in emerging economies, brubru collaborates with international NGOs as well as with public and private sectors. By collaborating with its partners, brubru is able to empower an increasing number of communities.


Companies from diverse industries around the globe and private benefactors generously support brubru’s mission to empower the disadvantaged rural communities in developing countries. brubru’s sponsors share its initiative to attain social justice, so as to make this world a better place for all people. To that end, brubru is deeply grateful to each and every one of its sponsors for their continued support and unique contributions. With generous support from its sponsors, brubru is able to empower an increasing number of indigent communities in emerging countries.


Influential international public figures that share the same indefatigable energy and unwavering passion in making this world a better place are very welcome to donate their time and resources to help champion brubru’s cause, and to promote its mission. With the support of its Ambassadors around the world, brubru is able to empower an increasing number of unconnected communities in emerging countries.

brubru’s Ambassadors share its commitment to support and empower the most vulnerable and destitute around the globe, by advocating for brubru’s capacity building programs as well as community-owned mobile telecom networks, which assist in disaster alert and relief, as well as poverty eradication, healthcare monitoring, educational resources, agricultural information, and much more.

brubru’s Ambassadors raise awareness, mobilize funds, and advocate for brubru’s initiatives, as it aims to foster social justice around the globe, so to enable indigent communities to grow and thrive, while creating a brighter future for all.