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Robert Moroz is seasoned investments strategist and international business development executive, who has spearheaded equity derivatives operations and commodities projects in the U.S. and emerging countries. After helplessly observing the plight of indigent people in rural regions of Latin America, Africa, and Asia, Robert embarked on a quest to find an effective and sustainable solution to ameliorate their predicament. Shortly thereafter, an idea was born to help lift the marginalized people out of poverty, by enabling them to bridge the digital divide, and to provide them with a fighting chance to advance economically. To that end, brubru, Inc., a nonprofit corporation was formed, in order to combat income inequality, promote gender parity and social justice, and to empower the remote regions, by providing them with cellular coverage and internet access at the lowest possible price point (and ultimately for free).

Elliot Moroz is Solutions Engineer – Business Intelligence & Analytics at Oracle in Silicon Valley. Elliot shares Robert’s passion to empower impoverished people in developing countries. Elliot’s brainstorming session with Robert on how to achieve that objective has led to the creation of brubru, whose aim is to promote social justice around the globe, enabling indigent communities to grow and thrive, creating a brighter future for all.

Hope Johnson is Senior Finance Manager at IBM in Dublin, Ireland, and former Global Financial Consolidation Manager at IBM. Hope holds an MBA from Columbia University, and is recipient of Presidential Volunteer Award from the White House (President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation). Hope is passionate about assisting brubru help narrow the digital divide in emerging countries.

Nii Dodoo is Senior Business Operations Manager at Juniper Networks in Silicon Valley. Nii holds a Masters of Engineering from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Nii is former Strategy and Business Intelligence Consultant at Dell. Nii desires to advance brubru’s mission in as many developing countries as possible, in order to help narrow the digital divide and improve people’s lives.

Denise Hyater-Lindenmuth is former Executive Director at the American Cancer Society in Washington, DC. Denise holds an MBA from the George Washington School of Business and an MA from Trinity Washington University. Denise was also Director of Marketing at the Children’s National Medical Center in DC. Denise brings significant operational management and fundraising experience to help brubru accelerate and expand its mission in the developing world.

Shiblee Hasan is UI/UX Engineer and Designer at Amazon in Seattle, WA. After earning his MA in Human-Computer Interaction from University of Michigan, Shiblee was Mac OS X Engineer at Apple in Silicon Valley. Shiblee applauds and supports brubru’s vision of implementing innovative technology and providing information to empower people in the developing world.

Jamian Smith is Managing Director at Arcana Solutions in Seattle, WA. Jamian is former Senior Global Project Manager at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. Jamian holds an MBA in Marketing/Operations from Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management. Jamian is former Project Manager at Amazon and Product Manager at Expedia. Jamian is passionate about social justice and desires to advance brubru’s mission across the developing world.

Mariel Losin is Global Sales Team Member at Facebook in Silicon Valley. Mariel holds a BA in International Affairs from James Madison University. Mariel is former Account Director at Fishbowl and Associate Director at Envision EMI. Mariel is passionate about providing both information and education to people across the globe, and wholeheartedly supports brubru’smission to empower indigent people in emerging countries.

Chase Rigby is Marketing Consultant at Google in Silicon Valley. Chase holds a BA from University of Utah and an MA from Loyola Marymount University. Chase envisions brubru helping rural communities get connected in numerous countries across the developing world.

Jasmine Harrell is Equity Management Analyst at the Carlyle Group in Washington, DC. Jasmine earned her BA from East Carolina University, and is former Fund Assistant at the Carlyle Group. Jasmine is passionate about social justice and supportsbrubru’s mission of empowering indigent people in emerging countries.

Nina Brandt is Chief, Development Business, Department of Public Information at the United Nations in New York. Nina holds an MA in Media from the New School University in New York and an MSc. in Psychology from Germany’s Heidelberg University. Nina is former Project Manager and Business Analyst at United Nations. Nina is passionate about economic empowerment and desires to further brubru’s mission to help empower marginalized people in the developing world.

Rashon Lane is Behavioral Scientist at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. After graduating with M.A. from Claremont Graduate University, Rashon worked as Analyst at Northrop Grumman. Rashon is passionate about assisting brubru fulfill its noble objectives.

Heather Small is Associate Director (National major Gifts) at Anti-Defamation League in New York. Heather earned her MPA in Nonprofit management from Seton Hall University. Heather is former Grants & Fundraising Manager at Connect NYC. Heather supportsbrubru’s objectives of capacity building, connectivity, and social services in developing countries.

Nishant Verma is Systems Design and Integration Analyst at Boeing in Bellevue, WA. Nishant holds an MS in Software Management from Carnegie Mellon University. Nishant is former Application Developer and Project Manager at Boeing. Nishant desires to help brubru surpass its goals and objectives of providing mobile connectivity and internet access to marginalized people in the developing world.

Angad Chopra is Strategy and Planning Manager at Samsung Telecommunications America in Jersey City, NJ. Angad is former Solutions Architect at IBM, and holds an MBA from Cornell University. Angad is enthused about assisting brubru combat poverty and income inequality by implementing innovative technology in developing countries.

Junelle Speller is Senior Business Strategist at Cerner in Kansas City, MO. Junelle earned a BA from Yale University, and holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Junelle is former Senior Health Policy Analyst at the American Academy of Pediatrics. Junelle supports brubru’s mission to empower marginalized people in the developing world.

Andres Rosas is Telecommunications Specialist in Lima, Peru. Andres is former Latin America Business Developer at MediaMelon in San Francisco. Andres holds an MBA from Hult International Business School, and is former Engineer and Technical Sales Manager at Huawei, Telefonica, and Claro. Andres is excited about fulfilling brubru’s mission to connect the unconnected in emerging countries.

Bex Williams works at the United Nations’ Board of Auditors in New York. Bex holds an MA in Applied Modeling and Quantitate Methods from Trent University (Canada) and an MBA from Exeter University (United Kingdom). Bex shares brubru’s passion for social justice, and supports its efforts to change the world through innovation.

Ifeanyi “Iffy” Obukwelu is investment professional at Partners Group in New York. Since graduating from Harvard University, Iffy has also worked at Barclays plc and at the Blackstone Group. Iffy is committed to assisting brubru in advancing its mission in the most effective way.

Lindsay Bellinger is Senior Business Intelligence Manager at Apple in Silicon Valley. Lindsay is former Principal Business Intelligence Manager at Symantec and Senior Business Analyst at Marsh & McLennan. Lindsay is passionate about economic empowerment and desires to assist brubru achieve its objectives in emerging countries.

Amanda Myers is Public Affairs Liaison at Solar City in San Mateo, CA. Amanda is former Business Development Consultant at Oracle in Silicon Valley. Prior to graduating from Northwestern University, Amanda was Communications Intern at the White House Council on Environmental Quality in Washington, DC. Amanda applauds and supports brubru’s mission to deploy eco-friendly mobile networks.

Sean Mulholland is a digital and creative consultant, most recently working in Product Marketing with the crowdfunded startup Goji Smart Lock. Sean is formerly a Media Strategist at JWT and Senior Director at Atomic PR (now Grayling). Sean holds a BA in Film and New Media from Academy of Art University. Sean applauds brubru’s vision to combat marginalization of rural communities, and supports its social good initiatives, particularly those that involve technology.

Molly Munson is Enterprise Account Manager at Oracle in Silicon valley. Molly is former Business Development Consultant at Oracle. After graduating with honors in International Studies from the University of Chicago, Molly became Transaction Service Representative at Oracle. Molly aims to assist brubru combat income inequality and foster rural empowerment in developing countries.

Lessa Manotti is Senior Account manager at Scena and Director of Business Development and Community Partnerships at Pearson Foundation in San Francisco area. Lessa holds an MBA in Sustainable Business from San Francisco State University’s College of Business. Lessa is former Communications Manager at Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program. Lessa is passionate about community sustainability and empowerment, as well as assisting brubru attain its mission across the globe.

Tyssina Paka is IT Project manager at Speen in new York. Tyssina is former Executive Project Manager at Straline. Tyssina is former Director of Information Systems at Harvard University’s Extension Students Association. Tyssina also holds a BA in Political Science and Government from Harvard University. Tyssina aims to support brubru in attaining and surpassing its objectives to connect remote regions.

Agata Voss is Ethical Information Analyst at Switzerland’s Covalence EthicalQuote. Agata is former Researcher at United Nations in New York, and past member of Slovakia’s National Women’s Basketball Team. Agata earned a B.A. in Human Rights from Columbia University, where she played on Women’s Basketball Team. Agata is determined to help brubru extend its reach across the developing world, in order to benefit maximum number of people.

Idris Ozoya is Global Program Manager at Microsoft in Reno, NV. Idris is former Operations Analyst at Goldman Sachs. Idris holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. Idris is passionate about assisting brubru in finding innovative solutions to improve the lives of people at the “base of the pyramid”.

Akwasi Asabere, PhD is Analyst at GfK in San Francisco. Akwasi received his PhD from Yale University, and is former Project Manager and Visiting Researcher at Stanford University. Akwasi supports brubru’s aim of connecting as many unconnected communities as possible.

John Lindsay is CEO at BitWage in Silicon Valley. After graduating from Stanford University, John worked at Oracle. John shares brubru’s vision to empower the marginalized people in emerging countries.

Matthew Kenahan is Founder/CEO of the Bitcoin Society and Business Developer at Pheeva Hot Wallet in St. Louis. Matthew wholeheartedly supports brubru’sobjective to democratize and commoditize communication and connectivity in rural regions of the developing world.

Johanna Calderon-Dakin is Co-founder and Director of Communications at CrowdCo in Santa Monica, CA. Johanna holds a BS from Boston University and an MBA from Spain’s Universidad de Salamanca. Johanna is also Publicist, and has worked an NBCUniversal and San Sebastian International Film Festival. Johanna applauds and supports brubru’s mission in emerging countries.

Joshua Sanabria b is founder at Gallileo Inc. and J.P. Sanabria. Josh is former CEO of Rurban Co., and holds a Master of Architecture from Andrews University. Josh is determined to ensure that brubru becomes a great social enterprise, which makes a meaningful impact in the world.

Irena Lusnyakyan is former Senior Program Manager at Amazon in Seattle. Irena is former Engineering Program Manager at Apple in Silicon Valley and former Development Program Manager at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. Irena is also former Senior Staff Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace and Design Engineer at General Electric. Irena is passionate about economic empowerment and poverty alleviation, and desires to assist brubru achieve its objectives in the developing world.


Peter Bloom is community organizer and co-founder of Rhizomatica, which offers affordable mobile telecom coverage to thousands of indigent subscribers across Mexico’s rural regions. Peter provides advice, guidance, and support to brubru in assisting remote communities to deploy and operate their own mobile telecom networks and wireless ISPs.

Alexander Chemeris is software/hardware engineer and co-founder of Fairwaves, which manufactures mobile telecom hardware, and offers cloud-based services. Alexander provides technical advice, guidance, and support to brubru, whose mission is to connect as many people as possible at the lowest possible price point.

Sabrina Esmeralda Moroz, Esq. is Corporate Compliance at JP Morgan Chase in New York. After receiving her Law Degree from St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, FL, Sabrina was admitted to the New Jersey Bar and the Pennsylvania Bar. Sabrina empathizes deeply with the plight of the poor around the world, and is eager to assist brubru with the fulfillment of its mission.

Yadab Bastola is former Executive Director of Human Rights Alliance in Nepal. Yadab holds an MA from College of Journalism and Mass Communication and an MAS from Basel University’s World Peace Academy in Switzerland. Yadab has worked at United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN). Yadab promotes brubru’s vision to empower developing world’s indigent people by means of technology and information.

Daniel Dube, MD is Pulmonologist and Intensivist at West Texas Memorial as well as CEO of Angelo Global Health Initiative in San Antonio, Texas. After receiving his Medical Degree at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and studying internal medicine at East Tennessee State Medical College, Daniel was Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University School of Medicine. Daniel supports brubru’s mission to empower remote regions with affordable connectivity and access to numerous resources, including mHealth, mAgri, mLearning, mGovernment, etc.